The 7 Growth Marketing Skills

The best growth marketers are known to be:

Creator Vision

The best growth marketers are willing to think creatively. They never say “it’s never been done before, so why try?”

If that was the attitude Airbnb had when they were trying to grow, they never would have come up with the idea of providing free professional photography services to each and every person listing on their site. What some thought was crazy or unnecessary turned out to be a fantastic engine for driving their growth.

Cape Town Airbnb Growth Marketing
High-quality photo captured by an Airbnb photographer for a listing in Cape Town.

Airbnb in San Francisco, California.

Hacker Mentality

A growth marketer needs to be a jack of all trades. On any given day you might be looking for growth opportunities, building links from high authority sites, creating web content, optimizing your message, implementing a new A/B test, or even doing some technical tasks in your platform. The more and varied your skill set, the more power you have to grow (especially at an early stage).

Curiosity & Raid Experimentation

Curiosity and rapid experimentation is most crucial skill that any growth marketer needs to learn. Make things easy. Ridiculously easy. Simplicity scales.

Data Analytics (foresee and observation)

The days of making decisions based on gut feeling are over. Ditto to making decisions based solely on the using the HiPPO strategy (highest paid person’s opinion). The modern growth marketer dives deep into the data to figure out what strategies are working and is comfortable using all the tools that allow for such analysis.

Product Focused

An axiom of the sales world is that you can’t sell a product you don’t understand. Seeing as growth marketers are also in the business of selling and evangelizing, the same rule applies. Your goal is not to trick people into buying something they don’t want, but rather to elucidate the many benefits of a valuable product that you truly believe will help people.

Know How to Tell a Story

All the data in the world won’t help you figure out how to truly connect with your users. You must have the ability to synthesize both quantitative and qualitative information into a compelling story that resonates with your potential customers.


Consider the case of TOMS. The brand’s growth team was able to effectively communicate how social good is a key tenant for their business.

Can Juggle Multiple Responsibilities
An effective growth marketer needs to be a contradiction of sorts.

Details obsessed but keeps the big picture in mind. Results driven but comfortable with ambiguity. Measures everything and trusts the data but also values human intuition.

No Fear of Failure

Successful growth marketers believe that a failed experiment is not a bad thing. In fact, failure is the quickest way to gain valuable information.

No growth marketer is clairvoyant. You must be open to attempting anything and everything to see what works. You will eventually hit on things that succeed, and then you optimize those and continue the process.


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