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Robot Process Automation (RPA) Professional Course™

This Design Thinking course is the leading online training, already taken by thousands of professionals worldwide, has become the reference in Design Thinking education and certification in the industry.

Increasing the productivity of production systems has been at the heart of every industrial revolution. The fourth industrial revolution brings an increase in productivity in both production and management systems.

From a business perspective, the goal of the fourth industrial revolution is to be able to manufacture personalized products at mass cost. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to rethink the production tools and bring more automation and productivity to the factories, but also to improve collaboration between supply chain, engineering, and sales and operations.

From experts’ point of view, we’re really entering, at this moment, the fourth revolution of industry, or the cognitive manufacturing era, and it is fully differentiated from any that came before it.
The digital transformation of production processes creates new opportunities to achieve levels of productivity and specialization not previously possible.
Data and, more importantly, analytics, are changing the way we see our machines, processes, products and operations. Analytics combined with big data approaches can identify patterns in the data, uncover model behaviors of equipment and predict failures or product quality issues.
These capabilities, known as predictive maintenance and quality, enabled by Industry 4.0 technologies, have an important place in companies’ strategies. As more factories and equipment are instrumented with Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices, data will continue to amass.
Conventional computing will struggle to scale with the large influx of data and the complexity of the analytics. Computing must become cognitive to process, analyze and optimize the information at the shop floor level.
In order to truly pave the way forward to Industry 4.0 and beyond, manufacturing must evolve into the concept of an information technology (IT)-based digital factory – into cognitive manufacturing. Manufacturing must enable the
cognitive capabilities inside the factory, particularly around two key issues: production quality insights and production optimization.
Transforming and improving manufacturing through production quality insights and production optimization is realized through the concept of an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform. This tutorial will attempt to explain the principles of an IIoT platform, as well as explore use cases.
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